Profil Institute’s Recruitment Manager is Recipient of Insulindependence IN Champion Award

Profil Institute’s Recruitment Manager is Recipient of Insulindependence IN Champion Award

Denon Alderson, Profil Institute's Manager of Recruitment and Screening, awarded Insulindependence’s IN Champion Award

SAN DIEGO, September 5, 2013 – Profil Institute for Clinical Research, Inc., a center of excellence providing early phase diabetes, obesity and cardiometabolic clinical research, is proud to announce that Denon Alderson, manager of recruitment and screening, was awarded Insulindependence’s IN Champion Award, recognizing Profil Institute for its corporate support and Denon for her above and beyond commitment to Insulindependence’s cause and to the diabetes patient community.

Insulindependence is a nonprofit outreach organization uniting, expanding, and supporting the active diabetes community through a national membership program and events that teach diabetes self-management through physical activity. Through their outreach success, Insulindependence is considered a leading authority in exercise and recreation for people living with diabetes. The organization’s IN Champion Award honors one corporate individual each year for his or her outstanding passion and support of Insulindependence’s mission and concern for the broader diabetes patient community.

“Profil Institute for Clinical Research has been a financial supporter of Insulindependence since 2009 and over the past four years, Denon has gone above and beyond her call of duty as a representative of Profil. She has wholeheartedly embraced the Insulindependence mission as a volunteer, fundraiser, program participant and dear friend to everyone who is involved with the greater San Diego Diabetes community,” said Peter H. Nerothin, Insulindependence’s Founder and President. “Denon’s passion for improving the lives of patients is truly remarkable.”

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