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Therapeutic Expertise


Connecting scientific expertise, metabolic focus and advanced methodologies with full scope CRO services to generate highly conclusive study data and support the decision making milestones of our clients.


ProSciento is at the forefront of global drug and device development for diabetes and diabetes-related complications and disorders. Our long-standing commitment to innovation has yielded a unique portfolio of therapeutically focused services, clinical research methods and capabilities to enable effective, comprehensive, and highly informative evaluation of investigational diabetes drugs.

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NASH (Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis)

ProSciento is a leading service provider in NASH (Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis) clinical research and development, complemented by our deep experience and expertise in diabetes and obesity. We utilize a unique NASH Hub & Spokes™ clinical trial management platform – integrating multi-site trial design, biomarker selection, patient enrichment and pre-screening strategies, specialized NASH methodologies, and trial logistics management.

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The team at ProSciento has decades of experience in obesity drug development, including research, clinical trial design, clinical development and regulatory strategy and interactions. The company employs advanced methodologies to assess body composition, body fat distribution, food intake, energy metabolism and adipose tissue function, as well as innovative study design strategies to address the complexities of subject recruitment and retention for weight-loss trials.

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