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NASH hub & spokes

NASH hub & spoke

Science-Driven Logistics Management for Multi-Site Studies

A significant challenge in NASH clinical research is the limited number of sites with access to complex methods and tools, including MRI-PDFF, MRE and biopsy capabilities. ProSciento addresses this with our NASH hub & spokes clinical trial management platform by enabling and managing site access to advanced methods.

Key Components for Clinical Trial Management and Patient Access:

NASH Method Hub Selection

ProSciento has a network of method hubs, which are specialized centers with capabilities in advanced imaging, circulating biomarkers and liver biopsies, broadly positioned around the world. Learn about ProSciento’s biomarker selection strategies »

Clinical Trial Site Selection

ProSciento manages the relationship between clinical trial sites and specialized method hubs. To ensure efficiencies for complex multi-site NASH studies, clinical trial sites are selected within geographic proximity of pre-qualified method hubs. This removes the burden from individual sites to procure access to specialized methods. This also broadens the number of sites that can participate in a study and increases access to patients which may be eligible to participate in those trials.