Application of a Non-Invasive Integrated Screening Algorithm to Improve Enrollment in NAFLD/NASH Clinical Trials

Publication Authors:

Rodriguez-Araujo, G; Hernandez, M; Morrow, L; Millan, L; Martinez-Arranz, I; Hompesch, M

Poster presented at 2nd Annual NASH Summit, Boston, MA, April 2018.

About this Poster:

Despite NAFLD/NASH being a prevalent co-morbidity in obesity and type 2 diabetes, the clinical development of NAFLD/NASH therapeutics is currently hindered by significant challenges in clinical trial enrollment. Traditional study screening is commonly associated with screen failure rates of >90%. Given the cost- and timeline implications of subjects failing to meet MRI- or biopsy-based inclusion criteria, there is a clear need for optimized screening strategies in NAFLD/NASH clinical studies.