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Therapeutic expertise isn’t just important, it is critical for complex clinical trials for MASLD (formerly called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD) and MASH (formerly known as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis or NASH). With unparalleled steatotic liver disease trial experience, ProSciento’s proven, science-driven strategies and specialized services benefit pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, while also advancing research in biomarker discovery and disease progression.

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Our expertise in steatotic liver disease clinical research and proprietary patient engagement programs enable us to navigate enrollment and recruitment obstacles that remain a challenge in the industry. By using our proven site support solutions alongside our patient access and engagement platform, we meticulously design and conduct clinical trials, facilitating efficient study launch, enrollment, and seamless study execution.

ProSciento’s global network of clinical trial sites and specialized method centers provides sites and patients access to advanced technologies, including imaging, circulating biomarkers, and tissue biopsy procedures for conducting complex SLD clinical trial programs. ProSciento streamlines operations, broadens the pool of sites, and improves patient access for metabolic disease clinical trials while alleviating the burden on individual sites to procure specialized methods.

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ProSciento’s science-driven approach provides clients seamless support from early development strategy to decision milestones.

Collaborating with us ensures interactions with a team of experts, focused on tailoring services to suit your individualized metabolic continuum program needs.

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