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Automated Glucose Clamp Techniques - photo

Automated Glucose Clamp Techniques

ProSciento has helped pioneer important advances in glucose clamp methods for metabolic clinical research.

Stable Isotope Tracer Methodologies - photo

Stable Isotope Tracer Methodologies

Stable isotope tracer methods are important for early phase clinical trials to assess mechanisms of action, dose response, and PK/PD relationships.

Advanced Imaging Biomarkers - photo

Advanced Imaging Biomarkers

ProSciento and its core imaging laboratory partners deploy advanced tools to assess and quantify tissue-specific features of metabolism or metabolic diseases.

Circulating & Functional Biomarkers - photo

Circulating & Functional Biomarkers

Circulating biomarkers provide a window into specific metabolic processes.

Glucose, Lipid & Mixed-meal Tolerance Tests - photo

Glucose, Lipid & Mixed-meal Tolerance Tests

Oral glucose, oral lipid, and mixed-meal tolerance tests are widely used in metabolic research and diabetes drug development.

Indirect Calorimetry - photo

Indirect Calorimetry

Accurate determination of energy expenditure is fundamental for the understanding of metabolism.

Nutritional Assessments - photo

Nutritional Assessments

Control over diet, meal composition, and nutritional parameters are critical when conducting metabolic clinical trials.


Physical functioning assessments provide crucial insights into metabolic clinical research, guiding optimization of dosage or formulation for more effective and safer treatments.

Tissue Biopsies - photo

Tissue Biopsies

Although we are focused on driving forward noninvasive methods, tissue biopsies continue to be an important clinical research method for some diseases.

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