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Our Specialized Methods

Automated Glucose Clamp Techniques - photo

Automated Glucose Clamp Techniques

ProSciento has helped pioneer important advances in glucose clamp methods for metabolic clinical research.

Stable Isotope Tracer Methodologies - photo

Stable Isotope Tracer Methodologies

Stable isotope tracer methods are important for early phase clinical trials to assess mechanisms of action, dose response, and PK/PD relationships.

Advanced Imaging Biomarkers - photo

Advanced Imaging Biomarkers

ProSciento and its core imaging laboratory partners deploy advanced tools to assess and quantify tissue-specific features of metabolism or metabolic diseases.

Circulating & Functional Biomarkers - photo

Circulating & Functional Biomarkers

Circulating biomarkers provide a window into specific metabolic processes.

Glucose, Lipid & Mixed-meal Tolerance Tests - photo

Glucose, Lipid & Mixed-meal Tolerance Tests

Oral glucose, oral lipid, and mixed-meal tolerance tests are widely used in metabolic research and diabetes drug development.

Indirect Calorimetry - photo

Indirect Calorimetry

Accurate determination of energy expenditure is fundamental for the understanding of metabolism.

Nutritional Assessments - photo

Nutritional Assessments

Control over diet, meal composition, and nutritional parameters are critical when conducting metabolic clinical trials.

Tissue Biopsies - photo

Tissue Biopsies

Although we are focused on driving forward noninvasive methods, tissue biopsies continue to be an important clinical research method for some diseases.

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