Unparalleled Expertise in Diabetes


Type 2 diabetes clinical studies completed


Type 1 diabetes clinical studies completed


Clinical protocols fully developed for clients

Specialized expertise to accelerate diabetes drug and device development


ProSciento has pioneered approaches for improved patient access and engagement. By listening to patient perspectives, we understand what tools and strategies work best to support sites and engage with patients from screening through study completion and beyond.

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Unparalleled Experience

As the only clinical research organization in the U.S. exclusively focused on metabolic diseases, ProSciento has been involved in the development of all medically relevant classes of glucose-lowering drugs, including new insulin analogs, novel insulin formulations, and biosimilar insulins.

Utilizing Specialized Methodologies

ProSciento has driven important advances in clinical research methodologies, including important advances in automated glucose clamp technology, to optimize clinical study design and accelerate timelines, providing our clients an advantage in a competitive landscape for novel and biosimilar medicines and devices for diabetes.

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Prosciento’s Track Record In Diabetes Clinical Research

More early phase type 1 and type 2 diabetes clinical studies than any other U.S. provider*

*Data from Informa’s Citeline December 2021

Only US provider to utilize Automated Glucose Clamp technology, elevating data reliability for insulin-related drug trials

Supporting clients in publishing outcomes with more than 300 poster presentations and peer-reviewed articles

Clinical studies completed within every medically relevant glucose-lowering drug class

Role in validating new diabetes drug and device classes and an active role in investigating new drug classes for NASH and obesity

More than 350 metabolic clinical trials completed, including 125+ glucose clamp studies

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