bio for Casey Ustick 

Casey Ustick 

Vice President of Global Business Development

Mr. Ustick is Vice President of Global Business Development at ProSciento, Inc. His career in clinical research and business development spans more than 16 years, including nearly 10 years focused on metabolic drug and device development at ProSciento. Casey has held a number of leadership roles within clinical research, including clinical operations, regulatory drug development strategy, budgeting & contracting, and business development, which has provided him a holistic perspective of both operational and business fundamentals in early phase clinical drug development.

During his tenure at ProSciento, Casey has worked with more than 50 sponsors worldwide to help launch their early phase clinical research programs. He has also been instrumental in the company’s global expansion of CRO business initiatives, including expansion of phase 1 clinical activities in Australia, sponsor utilization of NASH PASS® patient access platform, and establishing strategic partnerships with key APAC sponsors. Prior to joining ProSciento, Casey worked at Sessions Plastic Surgery Centre where he received his initial clinical research experience overseeing the site’s contribution to FDA approval of silicone gel-filled implants in 2006. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California San Diego.