Double-Blind Crossover Study of Ultra-Rapid AT247 Compared with NovoLog and Fiasp during Continuous Subcutaneous Infusion (CSII) Assessed by a Hyperinsulinemic Euglycemic Clamp

Publication Authors:

Marcus Hompesch, Fiona J. Lawrence, Jan Jezek, David J. Gerring, Thomas Pieber

Presented American Diabetes Association (ADA) 83rd Scientific Sessions, June 2023

AT247 is a novel insulin aspart formulation designed for ultra rapid absorption following subcutaneous injection to achieve optimal postprandial glycemic control. Study method: Adults (29) with T1DM were randomized to 6 treatment sequences of AT247, Novolog (N), and Fiasp (F). Bolus (0.15 U/kg) and basal (0.02 U/kg/h) doses of insulin were administered via CSII for 3 days. PK and PD were assessed using euglycemic clamps on days (D) 1 and 3.