EASL NAFLD Summit 2022


View our poster at the 4th iteration of the EASL NAFLD Summit

  • NASH PASS®: a registry to inform study design and accelerate patient enrollment
  • Authors: A. Macias, H. Guthrie, M. Mazuranic, and M. Hompesch
  • Poster number: P07-04

Meet with the ProSciento team of experts to learn about how our unparalleled NAFLD and NASH trial experience, proven, science-driven strategies, and specialized services benefit you, while also advancing research in biomarker discovery and disease progression.

Benefits of working with ProSciento:

  • More than 12 years of experience designing and conducting NAFLD and NASH clinical trials
  • Leading provider: more early phase NAFLD and NASH clinical trials conducted than any other U.S.-based provider
  • More than 4,500 prescreened patients at-risk for NAFLD and NASH ready for your clinical trials

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