bio for Helge Guenther

Helge Guenther

Chief Information Officer

Helge Guenther is ProSciento’s Chief Information Officer. His experience in IT and technology solutions spans more than 20 years, including management of IT operations in highly regulated environments.

Prior to joining ProSciento, Mr. Guenther served as CEO of BIT Group USA and CIO of BIT Group Global, where he oversaw the expansion and optimization of global IT operations. Before that, Mr. Guenther was IT Director at Quest Diagnostics, where he focused on implementing new business solutions in close collaboration with the company’s operations and R&D departments. Prior to his role at Quest Diagnostics, Mr. Guenther was Global Program Manager at Baxter Bioscience, where he oversaw the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning and related business systems across the company’s locations globally. Mr. Guenther earned his MBA from the University of Duesseldorf, Germany.