NASH Patient Access and Screening Strategies or NASH PASS: An epidemiological, multicenter, prospective screening registry for adults with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

Publication Authors:

Linda Morrow, Julie Willard, Heidi Guthrie, Moises Hernandez, Kristin Stanley, Julia Sanchez, Carine Beysen and Marcus Hompesch

NASH PASS integrates three science-driven elements: a proprietary screening methodology, an IRB-approved clinical protocol, and a searchable NASH registry. The methodology at the foundation of the NASH PASS program was developed and fine-tuned over the last decade within ProSciento’s early phase metabolic CRU. It is now exported in a highly controlled manner at strategic clinical trial sites across the U.S.

The NASH PASS patient data registry is a powerful tool to improve enrollment for NAFLD and NASH clinical trials. The registry compiles real-time and longitudinal data of pre-screened patients ready for enrollment and pre-qualified sites ready for an expedited study launch. Because of the nature of the data, the NASH PASS registry is also an important instrument to enhance scientific knowledge of NAFLD and NASH disease progression and the utility of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers.