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Clinical Research Innovation

Clinical Research Innovation

Connecting Clients with State-of-the-Art Methods and Innovation

ProSciento was founded in 2003 based on a commitment to science and innovation to advance the development of therapeutics for NASH, diabetes, obesity and related metabolic diseases. Over the course of more than 280 clinical projects, we have thoughtfully deployed and advanced targeted methods and biomarkers. These capabilities have supported the development of new metabolic drug and device classes. In addition to proprietary methods, ProSciento has established collaborations with industry and academic partners that offer complementary methodologies and services. These partners help to form our Clinical Research Innovation (CRI) network.

We have assembled a comprehensive repertoire of sophisticated methods and services to optimize clinical trials for metabolic diseases, well beyond what is offered by traditional CROs.

ProSciento and our CRI partners (listed below) are experts in our respective fields. We work together to holistically enable advanced clinical research.