Utilizing NASH PASS for Biomarker Discovery and Translational Research

The NASH PASS infrastructure and biobank are important and evolving platforms for translational research partnerships to advance scientific knowledge of NAFLD, NASH, and metabolic-related fibrotic disease pathology and progression, as well as the development of novel biomarkers for clinical research. Scientists and clinical development experts interested in biomarker discovery and validation, endpoint determination, and the study of NAFLD/NASH as a multi-system disorder can contact bd@prosciento.com for more information on collaborative research opportunities.

Network of NASH PASS Clinical Trial Sites, Ready for Immediate Start

ProSciento has cultivated relationships with investigational sites that can contribute at-risk patients for inclusion in ProSciento’s NASH PASS program, where they will undergo phenotyping per the NASH PASS protocol and can be pre-screened for specific interventional study protocols. For NAFLD/NASH clinical trial enrollment, this means access to a large population of diagnosed, research-ready patients at pre-qualified sites ready for an expedited start. Moreover, patients screened and diagnosed via NASH PASS screening are reserved for NASH PASS-client studies, eliminating competing protocols within a site.

Novel Methodology Advancing Clinical Study Design and Enrollment

ProSciento’s NASH PASS proprietary diagnostic patient phenotyping and access program is highly differentiated from what multi-therapeutic CROs can provide. The NASH PASS, IRB-approved study protocol significantly accelerates site selection and patient enrollment for NAFLD/NASH clinical trials. The NASH PASS patient database is also utilized in study design to tailor study enrollment projections, feasibility analysis, and optimization of I/E criteria, resulting in significantly reduced screen fails, avoiding delays in enrollment, and providing reliable project study timelines.