Bridging Academics and Pharma Industry

NASH Roundtable members are accessible to biopharma to consult on NASH development programs, including:

  • Clinical development and regulatory planning
  • Clinical and pre-clinical study design
  • Biomarker strategies
  • Applicable and relevant clinical research methods
  • Asset evaluation and risk assessment
  • Competitive and scientific landscape review

The NASH Roundtable also hosts forums twice a year to coincide with the EASL and AALSD Liver Conferences. As of 2021, a select group of biopharma guests is also invited to attend the forums. For more information or to inquire about attending a NASH Roundtable event, please contact

Access to Pre-Screened Patient Biobank

Because collaborative research is a critical focus, NASH Roundtable members have access to the NASH PASS database and biobank as a powerful platform to advance biomarker discovery and validation, endpoint determination, and the study of NAFLD/NASH as a multi-system disorder. The NASH PASS diagnostic and research platform utilizes Fibroscan imaging, laboratory testing, and proprietary algorithms to identify patients with NAFLD and those at high risk for NASH. As a result of the optimized screening, there is an abundance of data and biological specimens. These data allow for the opportunity to help expedite clinical research and help move the field forward. 

Coalition for Collaborative Science

The NASH Roundtable was established in 2018 to accelerate the advancement and application of scientific methods and strategies for NASH and the continuum of related metabolic clinical research. Roundtable members represent cross-functional expertise in fibrotic disease research, drug development, and patent care, and hail from prominent academic and medical centers.