NASH Clinical Drug Development – Imaging the Liver and Beyond

Non-invasive imaging biomarkers for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) clinical drug development are widely used to study the effects of investigational products on the degree of liver steatosis, inflammation and fibrosis. However, non-invasive imaging is also a rapidly evolving area to measure target engagement and mechanism of action beyond the liver.

During this webinar, Dr. Linda Morrow, an expert in NASH clinical trial design and conduct, and Dr. Lars Johansson, an expert in imaging biomarkers, will discuss the latest advancements in non-invasive imaging techniques, as well as present data to support promising future applications of imaging methodologies for NASH clinical drug development.

This webinar is the first in a series in collaboration with the NASH Roundtable, focusing on the advancement and application of scientific methods and strategies for NASH clinical research.

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Linda Morrow
Linda Morrow, MD
Chief Medical Officer, ProSciento, Inc.

Dr. Linda Morrow is Chief Medical Officer at ProSciento, Inc. Her career in clinical research and drug development for NASH, diabetes and obesity spans more than 25 years and includes contributions to many diabetes and related metabolic drugs and devices on the market globally today. Prior to her role as Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Morrow was Chief Operating Officer for ProSciento with oversight of CRO and scientific services for global multi-site clinical trials and clinical operations for ProSciento’s state-of-the-art early phase facility in San Diego. During her role as COO, ProSciento gained an industry-wide reputation as the leading organization for early phase diabetes research and one of only a few CROs with the experience and expertise in designing and conducting NASH first-in-human studies.

Dr. Morrow has been the principal investigator on more than 80 clinical research studies for metabolic small and large molecule therapies, biologics, biosimilars and devices. She is an author on more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. Dr. Morrow is also a frequent presenting speaker at medical and industry conferences, including keynote presentations at the NASH Summit.


lars johansson
Lars Johansson, PhD
Associate Professor of Translational Imaging, Uppsala University, Sweden
Chief Scientific Officer, Antaros Medical AB

Dr Johansson is Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Antaros Medical AB, an advanced clinical imaging research and methodology company. Dr. Johansson is recognized as a leading expert in innovative MRI and PET imaging techniques as biomarkers indicative of disease activity and therapeutic responses in cardiometabolic clinical research, including NASH. Dr. Johansson has authored more than 150 peer-reviewed publications in the cardiovascular and metabolism field, with a primary focus on imaging. His experience in drug development includes a 10-year tenure at AstraZeneca, where he was Senior Principal Scientist, involved in projects ranging from pre-clinical to life cycle management. Dr. Johansson has led a large number of international multi-center imaging trials, including principle investigator on international grants from EU, JDRF, NIH and EFSD. Dr. Johansson frequently presents at industry conferences, including keynote presentations at the NASH Roundtable and the NASH Summit

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